A fighter jock’s fighter, M4s are the premiere ship for wannabe Luke Skywalkers or Tom Cruise Mavericks who want to slaughter other fighter-class ships of the same size or smaller. Born to kill M5s, other M4s, and a few of the weaker M3s alike, the M4 tries to strike the balance between the agility of the M5 and the firepower of the M3. With a forward battery tending to carry 6 guns of one sort or another, once an M4 gets another fighter in its sights, it usually has both the firepower to sustain the DPS to take it out and the maneuverability to keep it from darting out of range. The greatest equalizer of the M4 is its much larger (well, compared to M5s) cargo bay -- most M4s have the ability to carry M-size wares, which means you can use some of the meatier M-size missiles piecemeal, or load up on a decent amount of the smaller ones. If you haven’t already, learn to love missiles -- they are your best friend, especially in subcapital battles.

As a Player's ShipEdit

As its name implies, it is best suited as a player ship for your first few hours as an X3 player due to its utility in killing other small ships (which will be your most common opponent). However, M3s and M4+s will give most newer players trouble, as their shielding can withstand a large amount of light weapons fire, sometimes outpacing the DPS of the still-weak weapons generator.

As an AI carrier-launched fighter or wingmanEdit

As a carrier-borne ship, it’s got its moments -- specifically, if a flight of enemy M8s or M3Bs is on the horizon, you can scoot out a squad of M4s to get there quick, fast, and in a hurry before they can lob too many Tomahawks at you. As a wingman, they can keep enemies distracted while you do the dirty work.

Sortable ListEdit

M4 Interceptors
Name Race Class Speed Accel Steering Hull Shields Shield Reactor Turrets Laser Cap Laser Rchg. Cargo Cargo Class Hangar Price
Buster Argon M4 1320 80 120 2000 2 x 1MJ 1000 0 10,000 500* 35 S 0 Not for sale
Mako Boron M4 427.8 202 60.7 900 2 x 1MJ 75 0 1,350 34 15 S 0 73,732
Kha'ak Interceptor Kha'ak M4 354.6 314 67.5 600 3 x 1MJ 100 0 600 15 27 S 0 Not for sale
Pericles Paranid M4 375.6 171 60.8 1,000 3 x 1MJ 100 0 550 14 76 S 0 92,561
Scorpion Split M4 469.6 302 54.7 1,600 2 x 1MJ 85 0 1,200 30 30 S 0 133,095
Buzzard Teladi M4 280 85 41.2 1200 1 x 5MJ 65 0 1,000 25 104 S 0 550,949
Sabre Terran M4 458.5 225 57.6 1,300 5 x 1MJ 130 0 5,000 25 100 S 0 61,802
M Xenon M4 360.7 142 80.5 2400 2 x 1MJ 70 0 800 20 62 S 0 Not for sale
Raijin Yaki M4 413.2 189 63.8 1,030 3 x 1MJ 100 0 550 14 87 M 0 211,758

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